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The First 25 Years
Poetry; self published, 1983

101 Dynamic Ideas for your Youth Group
Young teens activities

(Word/Frontier Publishing, 1990)

Acts of God
Storyline series: Bible Story rewritten (Acts)

(Word/Frontier Publishing 1990)

Dan the Man
Storyline series: Bible Story rewritten (Daniel)

(Word/Frontier Publishing 1990)

Dynamic Youth Leadership
Principles in practice

(Word/Frontier Publishing 1992)

Kingsway Kids Go Wild
Young teens activity book

(Children's MInistry, 2000)

Children's Ministry Guide to
Dealing with Disruptive Children

Biblical, practical insights

(Children's Ministry, 2001) Sample Chapter

Here is a whole chapter from the CMGuide to Dealing with Disruptive Children. You may find that it applies to youth leaders struggling with disruptive young people, as the same principles apply, don't they?

Children's Ministry Guide to
Building a Team

Volunteers in church service

(Children's Ministry, 2003) Sample Chapter

Here's the introduction to the CMGuide to Building a Team. It deals with being a team member and is relevent to children's workers and youth teams alike.

100 Fun Ways to Teach the Bible to children (Introduction)
by Cathy Kyte

Practical memory verse learning

(Children's Ministry, 2003)

Children's Ministry Guide to
Working with 9-13s

Experience and wisdom from 18yrs of volunteering (phew!) (Children's Ministry 2004)
Sample Chapter

Here's a chapter from the CMGuide to Working with 9-13s. It describes a great game you might like to play with the young people you teach.

Puppet Scripts

(contributor) Character stories for use with hand puppets (Children's Ministry 2005)

The Teddy Bear Manifesto (as main contributor, Camem Bear)

Political statements for an Ursine Party, lead by Tony Bear

(Hugglets, 2005)