Here I present some pieces written at various times for different reasons. Some have been published, while others were strictly
for fun. Some have been recently upgraded to 'fully illustrated' status.

Some ideas for things to do during a dull worship time
updated 14.12.02

My friends Andrew Sutton and Paul Williamson have contributed this entertaining piece

Prodigal Confectioner, etc

A classic re-telling of a well-known parable using £16.34's worth of popular chocolate.
NEW other renderings of this timeless story
updated 19.2.08

Secret Agent

At Christmas 2001 my church performed a musical that I wrote based around James Bond and the songs from the films...

The Jung Ones

It’s not often that the Peter Pan of Pop lends his songs to discussion of psychology. But it seems to have happened in this case.

The Snowdonia Log

A holiday taken at the end of 2000 with a few friends, in a lonely location on the side of Snowdon (near Llllllllanberis) in Wales.